You’ve created a custom radio jingle from Music Radio Creative but how do you go about playing that jingle in different situations? There’s plenty of radio playout software for professional broadcast radio stations and internet radio stations. You can use radio jingle production software, I reviewed to make your own radio jingles. This news article focuses on the playing your favourite radio jingles and assigning them to hot keys on your computer.

Radio Jingle Software

French company Koyote Soft specialise in the creation of multimedia audio and visual software. They have many free audio software tools to download on their website but one paid programme really caught my eye.

Hot Jingle Player

The software is called Hot Jingle Player and is available to download as  a trial version that lasts for 10 minutes, enough time to give you a feel of the programme, after that you can purchase the full programme on their website.

What I like about Hot Jingle Player is the fact it is light weight – using very little system resources – and you can drop your jingles, music beds and sound effects into instant fire hot keys.

You can load up to 26 jingles into the letter assigned hot keys on your keyboard for instant playback and the software supports a variety of audio formats (mp3, wav, wma and ogg files). It’s also a neat feature that you get a mini animated wave as your jingle plays in each hot key box.

Free Radio Jingle Software

Koyote Soft also provide plenty of free audio and video tool downloads. So if you’ve wanted to convert your mp3 files to wma or ogg format, rip a CD or burn a CD check out their software portfolio for smart, easy software that uses very little of your system memory.

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