Pro Podcast Presets v3.0

by Mike Russell

Save time, produce like a pro!


Suitable for Adobe Audition CC 2020 and beyond.

What's Included

sesx file with all preloaded presets and one tutorial video explaining all the settings

Who is it for?

  • Podcasters
  • Podcast Producers

Why purchase?

Be time efficient and make great podcast episodes every single time.

Helping You Make Great Sounding Podcast

Feel like It’s Time to Improve Your Workflow, but Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

Podcast post production workflow can be greatly improved with some of the most popular enhancements available with just a few clicks. Our presets have proven to be time saving and quality improving tool for many podcast producers and independent podcasters. Those presets have been created based on our own podcast production experience over the last decade so that you can create fantastic sounding episodes time and time again without putting hours of post production time.

Those presets aim to provide you with professional tools and techniques that you can apply to your post production process. They are for anyone using Adobe Audition CC (latest release) in their process (we believe this is the best choice for those taking audio recording and podcast production seriously).

Who Are the Presets For?


You look after your own post production process and would like to implement professional tools in your process. You are looking for ways to make your podcast sound better but don’t have time to learn advanced post production techniques.

Podcast Producers

You know it is time to take audio quality seriously and you would like to improve efficiency of your post production process and learn professional methods of post-production utilising some of the most powerful features Adobe Audition has to offer.

Radio Stations

Your team is producing multiple podcasts. We know that not all audio producers are made equal but you would like the uniform sound for your station. Those presets are the answer!  If you would like a multi user license please get in touch before purchase – we offer discounts for radio stations with multiple users.

What’s Included?

You can find here detailed specs for the Pro-Podcast Presets v3.0. We work continuously with the preset users to improve them. We ask for feedback and take it on board with further releases. All minor updates (3.x) will be provided free of charge to those purchasing the presets.

Multiple view options for your optimum workflow
  • New: [SHIFT] + [1] Basic Mode: Shows only two podcast voice tracks so you can record and edit without any other clutter in multitrack.
  • New: [SHIFT] + [2] Noise Reduction Mode: Fix your audio issues with these presets. Echo issues, background noise, fan noise.
  • New: Fix an internal microphone recording. Make it sound as good as possible with the “Internal Mic” fix track in Noise Reduction Mode.
  • New: [SHIFT] + [3] 3 Podcast Host Tracks: Popular feature request! Now you can record and edit three tracks with these presets.
  • New: [SHIFT] + [4] 4 Podcast Host Tracks: Popular feature request! Now you can record and edit three tracks with these presets.
  • New: [SHIFT] + [5] Advanced Mode: Reveal all tracks including the chance to add podcast music, SFX an intro & outro and more.
    Dedicated tracks to most popular mics
    • New: Blue Yeti preset track. EQ and compression specifically designed for this popular podcaster microphone.
    • New: Heil PR-40 preset track. EQ and compression specifically designed for this popular podcaster microphone.
    • New: Shure SM7B preset track. EQ and compression specifically designed for this popular podcaster microphone.

    Based on the user feedback we will provide further tracks in the future releases.

    Included Tracks
    • Podcast Host 1 & 2
      The main host(s) of the podcast should record their audio onto this track.
    • Podcast Host 3 & 4
      For podcasts with multiple hosts and guests.
    • Skype Call
      This track is for Skype calls. You’ll often hear hiss or background noise on Skype calls. The latest Adobe Audition CC DeNoise effect is used subtly on this track to reduce and eliminate unwanted noise on your calls.
    • Zoom Call
      This track is for Zoom calls. Optimised to target all of the post processing that happens inside Zoom and brighten up those call recordings.
    • Intro & Outro
      This is the track to place your podcast intros, outros and even jingles. It’s a clean track allowing your audio branding to shine through the way it was intended to.
    • Podcast Music
      If you use music tracks or talkover music beds this track is specially designed to lower the volume, limit the peaks and add certain EQ reductions so that your voice (and that of your co-hosts and guests) can sit on top of the music with ease.
    • Podcast SFX
      A track to place SFX for your podcasts. Anything from a whoosh to a bang or canned laughter to applause. It’ll fit on this track!

    Advanced tracks: 

    • Fix: Fan Noise
      Do you have a loud fan in the recording? Computer CPU working too hard or someone decided to mow the lawn while you were recording? Give this track a go for some heavy machine-learning noise reduction!
    • Fix: Room Noise
      Light room noise like an open window, distant road sounds and more can be reduced or eliminated using this track.
    • Fix: Room Echo
      Recording in a room with plenty of reverb and don’t want a cathedral style sound. Most home offices and bedrooms are not designed to be acoustically perfect. This track will fix most light room echo issues with ease.
    • Fix: Internal Mic
      Recorded your entire podcast on an internal microphone by mistake? No problem! We can get that sound a little better with this dedicated track. (NOTE- this will never be perfect but you can make it sound decent enough!)
    Improvements to v2.0 Features

    Fixed: High Pass Filter in Parametric Equalizer now eased off so you get an even more natural sounding podcast.

    Who is Mike Russell?

    Mike has been producing audio since 1990s, his career started in radio in the UK. He has also been an on-air presenter but soon discovered that audio production was where his heart was. He is the founder of Music Radio Creative – an international audio production company. He is now primarily teaching audio production. Mike is an Adobe recognised expert and often speaks on Adobe stages around the world.

    “Mike is the most prolific instructor online, showing you how to do not just basics but fun, technical stuff in Adobe Audition. You couldn’t have a better teacher and a better trainer.” 

    Durin Gleaves – Product Manager – Adobe Systems

    Presets In Action

    “We use Mike’s videos to teach people in the team on how to use Adobe Audition. They are that good!”

    Charles Van Winkle

    Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems

    “I just have to say how exceedingly pleased I am with my purchase of MRC’s Podcast Presets 2.0 – they are wonderful and such a MASSIVE timesaver. The presets are *definitely* worth the full price, no question.”

    Jason Severn

    Host, Mr Nobody Podcast

    “I wanted to sound professional. I watched 100 videos how to make it happen. But I still couldn’t. Then I found Pro Podcast Presets v3.0. And there it was. Professional sounding voice, without all the noise. All in just a few clicks. Love it!”

    Gabor Mayer

    Podcast Producer

    What Is Included?


    After purchase you will receive a zip file with .sesx file to open inside Adobe Audition together with a simple READ ME file explaining how to access tutorials. (NOTE: No sound effects or music tracks are included in the purchase).

    Detailed Tutorial

    Detailed video tutorial explaining all effects and tracks in the presets. This will help you to fully understand how the presets work.

    Post Purchase Support

    We offer 30 day post purchase set up help. If you struggle with getting presets to work – let us know – we will be more than happy to guide you through it.

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    Terms and Conditions

    This product will be available to you as a download zip file immediately after purchase. By purchasing you acknowledge that support is provided for the latest Adobe Audition CC users (2020 and up). You also understand that the purchase includes .sesx file only together with the supporting video tutorial. No further elements are included. As the product is available to you immediately after purchase we do not accept returns. Price does not include VAT which will be added to you at the checkout if applicable at the rate applicable to your country of residence. (VAT applies to purchases made within EU).

    All Available Presets

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    Presets for audio producers, voice artists, radio stations and DJs. Our expert package with tools and workflow we use here at Music Radio Creative.

    Adobe Audition Lite

    Perfect for voice artists, narrators and those who want their voice to simply sound better. Great presets for beginners.


    Premiere Pro Presets

    Presets for Premiere Pro users, with tracks for most used mics and ability to quickly get better sound in your videos – you can sound like a pro now too!

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