Christmas is the time to think about changing and improving your audio branding to reflect the Christmas spirit using festive Christmas themed radio jingles. You can change the sound of a regular radio jingle to have a Christmas sound by adding sleigh bells, father Christmas and even a parody of some of Santa’s elves. The choice is yours as to how creative you want to be!

When Is The Best Time To Play Christmas Jingles?

There is a negative side to starting too early. Christmas songs and jingles should be saved until at least the start of December so that they don’t burn out.

Content For Christmas Radio Shows

There isn’t usually much happening over the Christmas period so it can often be hard to think of good content to talk about on the air. It is the time of year when many feel good and happy news stories are floating around. The best radio show, in my opinion, to do during Christmas is the Christmas Day breakfast show. The content is almost self generated by listeners to the radio station who will call in. You can chat to kids on the air and find out what presents they’ve opened already and the plans for the day. You’ll find before you know it 10am has rolled around, it’s time to leave the radio station and that means you’ll be home in time for Christmas dinner!

Podcasters Think About Your Global Audience

Christmas is a time to consider what everyone in the world will be doing. Australians, for instance, won’t be freezing and sitting by a hearty fire they’ll most likely be having a barbie on the beach. A podcast episode is out there forever and anyone could listen to your podcast at any point in the future. Would a podcast about Christmas sound good in July? Izabela argues that it is good to add a Christmas theme to your podcast if you like that kind of stuff.

Podcasting is evergreen content but trends change and it’s good to refresh and do an episode on Christmas. I did an episode on Christmas audio last year and know that there will be more relevant content in this podcast episode compared to last year.

Can You Pre-Record Over Christmas?

You can pre-record podcast episodes or radio shows over the holiday season. If you do want to take time off from podcasting you should let your listener know that you’re away even if it’s a 60 second recording saying, “hey, I’m on a beach and will be back next year!” Many podcasters pre-schedule episodes to go out over the holidays using WordPress. We use Spreaker to publish our podcast.

The iPhone 5s has a good internal microphone which allows you to record a half decent podcast. You can even do it with a mini studio setup using the Spreaker app for iOS and the Spreaker app for Android. I made a video to show the quality of the iPhone mic.

Christmas Conclusions

1st December is the best time to get started with seasonal content. So, why are we publishing this podcast in late October?! Well, it’s evergreen content and podcasts are searched for in places like iTunes and Google. If you release a Christmas episode ahead of when people are looking for Christmas shows the likelihood is that you’ll show up when the search trend increases! To browse our own selection of Christmas Jingles and Royalty Free Christmas music head over here.

Birthday Greetings

I was overwhelmed with your birthday well wishes for me over last weekend. Thank you!