New Year’s Eve – Radio Stations and DJs Are You Ready? DJ Drops New Year Radio Music Radio Creative

New Year’s Eve DJs

The new year’s eve party is, for many DJs, the biggest night night of the year as it is such a special night and can be much more sociable than Christmas Eve. Everyone is in the mood for a party and this is your chance to impress them with custom New Year’s Eve DJ Drops. We’ve even taken the hard work out of seeing in the New Year itself with a countdown jingle mixed with crowd, Big Ben chimes and Auld Lang Syne. You can use it at midnight and tell the crowd that you have the Big Ben chimes coming up “live from London!”

What Do Radio Stations Do on New Year’s Eve?

Traditionally New Year’s Eve is a time to do some really special programming on the radio. An old favorite is to count down the best songs of the year (for instance this “The Top 100 Best Selling Songs of 2011). A party mix is also a good option as it can get the listeners in the mood for a night out or even be their soundtrack to see in the New Year if they’re celebrating at home. If you don’t have a live link for midnight prepared you can download a Big Ben chimes countdown jingle from Music Radio Creative.


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