Radio Imaging FX and Royalty Free Music Beds to Download Instantly

Technology and the global nature of the internet has changed the way that you can gain access to audio online. Everything is available as an instant download and access to great music and sound effects should be no exception.

It’s so easy to think of a sound effect or music bed you want to use for a radio jingle, DJ drop or podcast intro and search for it. The tricky part is the licensing and usage terms of the audio you download.

That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Music Radio Creative is now the proud owner of a 10,000 element strong production library from Big Fish Worldwide. We not only acquired the library, we are also working on expanding it significantly over time.

Copyright Free Music and Sound Effects with No License or Usage Hassles

With Music Radio Creative’s Big Fish Worldwide acquisition, soon you’ll be able to select and download individual production elements from a library of over 10,000 audio elements. You’ll be in control of selecting the audio you need when you need it! All audio is available on a royalty free basis with no usage fees or renewal licenses needed for any of your projects – commercial or not.

We continue to sell our popular packages of background music and sound design elements and soon there will be even more variety to choose from. You’ll even find specific mini packages appearing for certain use cases such as creating YouTube intros, explainer videos, DJ mix jingles, radio imaging, podcast intro music and more.

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