Music Bed vs Music Loop

We all generally think we know what a music bed is – or do we? And when it comes to audio production we often hear the term “music loop”. In general music bed will be a full composition with a recognisable start and finish. Music loop on the other hand will often have an abrupt start and fade at the end (or not) – all in order to give producer ability to make any length from that loop he/she desires.

Music Loops

The biggest advantage of music loops is that they give more flexibility to producers, are much easier to make than full music beds and of course as a result much cheaper. A great resource for obtaining loops and mix-outs of various instruments as well as raw elements for creating loops in the first place is Australian based Zenhiser.

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Music Beds

Music beds are fantastic resource for radio promos, ads and podcast intros. With the smooth natural finish you can create a great sounding promo and variations of it too. If you are after quality music beds we have a number available for purchase here at Music Radio Creative. In addition if you like FREEBIES, sign up to our newsletter and receive free elements in your inbox every two weeks. 100% royalty free for 100% of your projects.