Yes, you did read the title correctly! Here’s the Mike Russell radio interview with Mike Yunis and Chris Krause from the nationally syndicated VR2 Show.

I interviewed Mike and Chris about syndicating a radio show and radio production on previous episodes of the Music Radio Creative podcast. Now the tables are turned as I was invited to guest on their popular vintage rock radio show and talk radio, imaging, productivity and plans for the future.

Mike Russell Radio Interview

The interview begins with the question, “how did you get started in the business” which started when I was a kid making my own radio shows and custom jingles using cassette tapes! We talk about how radio was back in the day and classic radio jingles from decades gone by.

The tag line of the VR2 Show, the universe is listening, indicates the global level of the radio show and we touch upon reaching a worldwide audience. Now that it’s so easy to start an internet radio station or start a podcast you can create your own audience. It’s important to consider how people from around the world will consume and enjoy your broadcast and we talk about this in more detail on this podcast episode.

Locally Relevant Global Radio

We brainstorm on targeting a local group of listeners and reaching them while you still include your audience around the world. Having a presence on social media, radio directories and app stores is critical if you’d like to gain more listeners.

Mike Russell on Internet Business

I talk about the structure of MRC right now, plans for the future and how my wife Izabela and I cope with doing many different jobs in one day!

Finally, we end up talking about creating the perfect radio show, radio show prep, some radio imaging chat and why it’s fantastic to do what you love every day for a living.

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