Music Radio Creative Family

This is the core team behind Music Radio Creative. People who turn up every day and make the magic happen.

Izabela Russell

CEO, England

Izabela is the brains behind many operations within the company but also being very much a people person she loves to deal with all customers on a daily basis and make sure that our voice talent, singers, producers and musicians are on top of their work!

Mike Russell

Company Director, England

The original founder of the company Mike has been involved in the radio industry since he turned 13! Mike is now a creator – he teaches others how to do audio production and manages MRC’s YouTube channel. He is also regularly speaking about audio production on the world’s largest stages. He is the WOO to the HOO of Izabela (or is it the other way around?) – either way – one could not be without the other.

Andrea Herrera

Social Media and Content Manager, Brunei

I look after a variety of tasks Izabela hands me such as making sure our awesome team gets paid for the amazing work that they do, looking after our social media accounts, creating blog posts, and anything else under the sun! I spend my free time as the overall manager and coordinator of an expat family of 6 from the Philippines, currently living in the jungles of Brunei. MRC and my constant attempts at yoga satiate my need for order and organisation in my otherwise chaotic household.

Dominic Bradley

Audio Specialist, England

I have held jobs in both the NHS as a data manager and in that of film production. These careers explain perfectly the split personality that I have and my reason for being here at MRC; a strong creative side that is music loving and that of a left-brained person and their super strong attention to detail. I  love being part of the team here at MRC and help customers find what they are looking for!

Cassandra Denton

Podcast Producer, England

I have over 10 years of experience working in radio with particular expertise in speech led content. I’m passionate about audio and how powerful a tool it is for storytelling – no story is too small.  Some might say I fell into radio by accident, but I don’t believe it was an accident at all! I truly believe that I am doing what I was always meant to be doing.

Eric Scott

Audio Producer, Canada

Starting out in music production in hopes of becoming a rock star, Eric quickly realised he did not enjoy the bright lights in his face. So, he decided to pursue radio production, where the lighting is much dimmer. He’s self-described as “a relentless powerhouse of radio imagery that can whisper, yell and sing his way into your soul”.  He’s also a big fan of speaking in the third person.

Jorge Alvarez

Audio Producer, Argentina

I am originally from Venezuela, I’ve been involved with audio for 10 years. I’m also a musician and I’ve been working with Music Radio Creative since 2014. Exploring my ability to be creative and to experiment is something I love to be part of at the MRC team. In addition, the team is full of incredible people from all over the world. The best of the best. I hope to continue creating amazing audio for clients from any city, country or continent for a long time.

Nonso Dike

Audio Producer, Nigeria

My journey with the team started when I watched a video on “How to make your voice sound better (secrets revealed) with Mike Russell” on YouTube. Now I am here working at Music Radio Creative. I am in awe! And yes, working at Music Radio Creative has been exciting for me. Everyday comes with a new challenge which leaves room for me to learn new things. This is all I do and I’m loving every moment of it.

Paul Grigoras

Podcast Producer, Romania

I started being involved in audio production as a bright-eyed teenager. You know, someone needed to record my assortment of epic, punk-rock compositions… So I thought it might as well be me. I’ve since continued to work as an audio engineer in both recording studio and live music environments. At MRC, I’m a podcast audio producer. Like everyone else here, I strive to add value to our client’s projects, making sure the content they put out is the best it could possibly be.

Ryan Leininger

Video Podcast Producer, Canada

I’ve had the pleasure of working with MRC since 2012, wearing various hats including audio producer, voice over artist and video/podcast producer. My experience spans 15 years, primarily as an audio producer, but I am passionate about creating content in all formats. With MRC, I am so proud to be part of such an incredible team and working to deliver the best possible products for each and every client.

The Family

We are all working from our home offices and value freedom and flexibility this approach brings to our team. We recognise that sometimes the very best in the given field could be based thousands of miles away from us. Plus we all love working in our PJs – who doesn’t!

In many ways we look at Music Radio Creative as a multinational and international family business. Every person working with us is far more than just “another person”. He or she becomes a member of a family. We do our best to look after one another, be kind and help each other to grow as the time goes by.

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