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Google Hangouts For Broadcasting

Izabela kicked off the episode by talking about her initial thoughts about Google Hangouts On Air for broadcasting. Google Hangouts is essentially an online or video conference but one with potential when it comes to broadcasting. Furthermore she explained that if you’re already a broadcaster you’re already connected to your audience with audio but adding the video aspect can be powerful. I also shared my knowledge of how it is already being used on air by one of the originators of the style and format, Ray Ortega. In their live podcast they basically have a core of presenters on Google Hangouts consisting of Ray Ortega, Daniel J. Lewis and Dave Jackson. They then invite other podcasters and debate with them over hot topics in podcasting on the Podcasters’ Roundtbale.

Google Hangouts’ Longevity And Obscurity

Google Hangouts is a great product with cool features. However, one may wonder of the effect to its longevity of Google’s move of reducing the Hangouts team working on the product. Izabela also talked about the lack of marketing and dissemination of information for it. She admitted that if not for me, she wouldn’t know of its existence, also pointing out that a lot of people are unaware or may not be as interested because of the lack of knowledge of the product.

Alternatives To Google Hangouts

We also talked about possible alternative platforms to Google Hangouts. Skype group video calls, among others, may be a good alternative. In a recent announcement, Skype basically made Skype group video calls available to everyone free of charge as opposed to previously being subject to a premium so that’s one interesting choice to look at. Izabela also mentioned which Cliff Ravenscraft recommends and is more like of a webinar which is free to join. A cool thing about it is you can grab your own URL, for example,

The Difference Between Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts On Air

I took it upon myself to stress the difference between the two. Basically, Google Hangouts are private, and just between the people who are invited to join the Hangout while Google Hangouts On Air, people can join in and is broadcasted live on a YouTube and the Google platform and you can even embed the live stream in your website. So from the broadcaster’s point of view, Google Hangouts On Air is the product that everyone would need.

Choosing Anonymity And The Importance Of Branding

Izabela and I first discussed how you can’t stay anonymous anymore in this day and age due to the prevalence of social media if you wish to be consistent in promoting your brand. Izabela advised however that if you are a podcaster and you’d like to be anonymous and don’t want to show your face you can also go for it but you have to take into consideration your branding in doing so. For excellent tips on branding, you can go to podcast episode 79 where we chatted to Melissa Hawks.

Due to the importance of branding and visibility, Google Hangouts can be very beneficial. Izabela shared her thoughts on how it can be of good use for talk radio. She explained that you can repurpose the content for talk radio making it so that you don’t only have a radio show but also a video for it which can be made available on YouTube and your own website. Basically, it’s the same content going to different places in new ways.

Great Features Of Google Hangouts

I reckon Google Hangouts on air is very good for broadcasters. First of all it is easy to use. You can even install a plugin called Google Hangout Toolbox which you can use to do really cool things such as lower third graphics. It has great analytics as well because you can see certain statistics such as how many are tuning in, concurrent viewers, and afterwards head to YouTube and check further stats there. Basically, it is the best technology you could use as a broadcaster because you can see in real time when people are switching on and switching off. Izabela added another good thing about Google Hangouts is that it’s free.

How To Promote Hangouts On Air

Izabela posed an interesting question as to how to promote Hangouts On Air? I advised to go to podcast episode 89 because we talked about marketing your internet station online and the methods discussed are relevant to marketing Google Hangouts On Air too. The methods included using Twitter, sending emails out, running banner campaigns, posting in communities online, Facebook and others.

Try Google Hangouts

Izabela expressed her concern over a possible scenario where people actually find Google Hangouts to be good but would not try it. She dared people to try it and see if it works. We discussed on how it would be enough to do it just once a month and how easy you can get started because it’s easy to organise and use and you can talk of just about anything. We actually tried it out with our UK podcasters group wherein we did a beta hangout.

Episode 100 Announcement

For our 100th episode we plan on doing a party episode using Google Hangouts On Air and do something fun. We plan on pre recording the show with you and do it with our audience live in a Google Hangout!

Be Part of Our 100th Episode

So if you want to be a part of our 100th episode leave a comment down below and just type in “I’m in”. We’ll get in touch with you and make that happen.


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  1. I’m in but I’m sure you will have loads of interest so Im happy to be available as a sub. 🙂


  2. Yay, I’m In!

    As far as goes, it is not broadcast nor is there native recording. It is just a room for video chat. You can lock the room or leave it open, either way you invite people to join. As long as you have the room link and the room is not locked anyone can enter. (To record use screen capture software.)

    Skype does not broadcast live either. But, like normal usage, you set your status and people can call in. (Also, to record, you will need software.)

    For those who absolutely do not want to be on video, I have come across the idea of using a cartoon mock up. For a better explanation check out a wonderful non-profit site! (0; JC

  3. Hi Izabela and Mike, thanks for the great show on Google Hangouts on air (I’m In!) and we at the Sci-Fi Movie Podcast have been testing Google Hangouts after episodes of Game of Thrones. I think it’s a fantastic platform. I just hope Google doesn’t scrap it like some of their other projects.

    1. Thanks Remi. I agree with you Google Hangouts is an awesome platform and I do hope that Google keep it going.

  4. Great tip from “JC” and Cliff with Appear.In

    There is another Google resource that doesn’t seem to get much airtime and it goes straight to monetization for the provider and does help protect the buyer. Google Helpouts seems to be the online DIY version of finding, getting, and paying for help. The buyer does the work themselves with the help of the seller. I do believe, Google takes a small cut of the payment from the registered provider. This service is available in the UK.

    I do know a few service providers who have used this here in Texas with great success so it seemed worthy of mentioning here. I do hope Google continues to use and improve Hangouts and Helpouts in the future. The link is

    The Complete Guide to Google Helpouts is a great resource from Plus Your Business

    1. That’s a great resource scrappyd. Thanks!

      I did setup my own Google Helpout but as yet have not seen much activity inside the platform itself (I have not promoted my page widely). It’ll be interesting to watch and see how it grows 🙂

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