I had the idea recently to use Kickstarter for radio to help fund a project to improve my internet radio station – mrc.fm – unfortunately my Kickstarter project didn’t meet Kickstarter’s guidelines.

I share the details with you in this blog post so that my work doesn’t go to waste and hopefully it’ll help you to have success on Kickstarter. I also recorded a Kickstarter podcast to share ways in which radio stations and podcasts have successfully used the platform. After submitting my project on here is the response I received from a member of the Kickstarter staff a week later:

Hi Mike,

Kickstarter is not a site for raising general expenses. A focused, finite project that has a clear beginning and end and expectations that everyone can agree to is essential. Is there a specific creative project here that you can focus on? Rewards, in turn, should reflect the project coming to fruition.

Check out Kickstarter School’s “Defining your project” section for tips: http://www.kickstarter.com/help/school/defining_your_project.

Once you’ve finished updating your project, let me know and I’ll have another look!


Rejected Kickstarter Radio Project for mrc.fm

Play a part in refreshing and rebuilding mrc.fm an online radio station that plays remixes only. New jingles, presenters and website!

I’m Mike Russell from Music Radio Creative and I’m the station director of electronic dance music radio station mrc.fm. An online only internet radio station that plays ‘Remixes Only’ of popular music with sung jingles and voice over IDs designed to fit the flow of the music.

How Did mrc.fm Get Started?

mrc.fm started as a hobby back in November 2012. It plays nothing but remixes of popular music. I have a passion for radio, jingles, music production and wanted to put my experience of working in commercial radio into practice to create an online radio station that would attract passionate listeners and audio producers alike who want to become a part of a radio station that focuses on quality remixes with voices and jingles to match the music.

Where Is mrc.fm Right Now?

In 4 short months mrc.fm has been featured on the front page of the Windows Media Player guide and now attracts over 6000 unique listeners per month from the big radio tuning directories such as Windows Media, iTunes and TuneIn.

Where Would I Like mrc.fm To Be In The Future?

I’m feeling excited about the future of mrc.fm and already get emails every week asking about the possibility of presenting a show, producing some power intro jingles and advertising opportunities.

I want to take mrc.fm to the next level by adding more remixes, regular shows, new jingles and the possibility for advertisers to fund the radio station long term.

Here’s Where YOU Can Help mrc.fm

This is where I need your help.

In order for mrc.fm to improve I need funding to cover the music royalties, radio streaming fees, new sung jingles and voice overs and to improve the studio and website. With the money you pledge to back mrc.fm into the future I’ll build a better website, add new shows, music and jingles. I’s like to get regular presenters on air that could be supported by advertisers on the station. Plus, I want to interview the big name remixers and have them on the radio station hosting their own segments.

Cost To Run mrc.fm For A Year

  • Music Licensing – £1328
  • Music Royalties – £500
  • New Music Tracks To Add (rate of 20 per month) – £480
  • Web Hosting – £60
  • Radio Streaming – £300
  • Power Intro Production Costs – £1200
  • Website Design – £1000
  • Website Templates – £60
  • Jingle Package (cost of acapellas and production) – £400
  • Merchandise – £2400 (any money left would be spent on marketing the station)
  • Marketing – £600
  • Project Management – FREE (I will do this in my own time as my passion)

Total cost to run mrc.fm for 12 months = £8328

mrc.fm Rewards

The rewards are awesome! Just £1 will get you onto a supporters page on our website plus our exclusive listener email newsletter with updates and competitions. The more you bid the more you get… bumper stickers, t-shirts, advertising spots right the way up to having your own radio show with custom jingles!

What If We Don’t Meet The Funding Goal?

However, if we don’t reach the goal you won’t get all these cool things and everyone will be sad as I’ll need to close the radio station down.

Long Term mrc.fm Goal

To find paid advertisers that would fund the radio station beyond the next 12 months. Any money over the Kickstarter amount would guarantee mrc.fm lasting beyond the next 12 months.

Thank You For Showing An Interest In mrc.fm

Thanks everyone and please place a pledge then go ahead and share this with friends!

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

There will, of course, be risks involved in this project as with anything that is trying to break the mould of what is already possible in online radio.

mrc.fm has already seen great success and I am confident with your backing it will continue to do so. The task of shipping out any goodies will be demanding as it will be my wife and I looking after every backer.

The only real risk will be the amount of sleep we’ll get when moving this project forward (with your support). Thanks, again, for showing an interest in mrc.fm and reading this far.

Kickstarter Rewards

Here’s a list of the rewards I proposed for the project:

  • Pledge £1 or more

NEWSLETTER & THANK YOU: Get all the latest playlist additions, new show news and exclusive competition details before anyone else. Along with your name on our website supporters page.

  • Pledge £10 or more

ABOVE & MENTION ON SOCIAL MEDIA: In addition to being in our inner circle of supporters you’ll also get a mention on our Twitter account (with over 5,000 followers) everyone will know that you helped mrc.fm.

  • Pledge £25 or more

ABOVE & MRC.FM BUMPER STICKER: The newsletter, thank you place on our new website, social media mention and a big radio bumper sticker to show your support for the new remixes only radio station mrc.fm!

  • Pledge £50 or more

ABOVE & MRC.FM T-SHIRT: You’ll be able to show off your support for mrc.fm with a really cool t-shirt. In addition to all the above rewards too.

  • Pledge £100 or more

ABOVE & ADVERT BOX: Get all the above plus an advertising box on our website for the next 12 months.

  • Pledge £250 or more

ABOVE & PRODUCED COMMERCIAL: Everything listed along with a fully produced radio commercial that will run in rotation on air at mrc.fm for the next 12 months.

  • Pledge £500 or more

ABOVE & YOUR OWN SHOW: Want to be a radio DJ on mrc.fm and broadcast to thousands of listeners? You’ll get this opportunity and all the goodies listed above!

  • Pledge £1,000 or more

ABOVE & YOUR OWN SHOW WITH JINGLES: Get everything listed above along with your own radio show on mrc.fm. Not only that but you’ll also get your own custom sung and voice over jingle package to use on air.

Kickstarter Podcast

Listen to my recent Kickstarter podcast to hear more about using Kickstarter to fund your radio station or podcast project.