Music Radio Creative’s Voice of the Month for January 2017 is Kenny Buquen! As Music Radio Creative’s Voice of the Month, all orders with Kenny’s voice get his full session file as a Special Bonus – at no extra cost! Kenny is a Native French speaker who has years of experience doing video game character voices, fairy tale character voices, kid voices, museum guide voices, mature male voices, and many more.

Whether you need a French voice or an American voice with a French accent, Kenny is the perfect choice for your commercial, promo, audio book, documentary, video game, podcast, movie trailer, video game, and any other audio project you may have. Listen to Kenny’s amusing, animated, and versatile character voice in his demo here:

Want to get to know Kenny better? Read on to see his answers to some of our questions about his life and work:

What is the most exciting project you EVER got to work on?

Actually, there are two projects I had a chance to work on that were very exciting to me. The first one was being part of the team who introduced the first Apple I-phone tutorial instructions for their French customers. My role was directing and editing the project to its completion. In my second exciting project, I was the promotional voice announcer for ten video games produced by Gameloft.

What is the most exciting project you worked on this year?

In 2015, I was the French voice for France. After recording a series of instructional tutorials for their employees, I was then told without warning that my next voice would be that of President Obama’s welcoming speech. I said “Ah Ok” And just like that I was now the voice of the President of the United States. Sure, why not? 🙂

Can you give us a short history of what you do?

I have experience with both directing and performing voice work from character voices in video games to industrial voices, advertisement and announcements. When I am not behind the microphone. I am still on stage. I teach French at two colleges in the San Francisco Bay area.

How did you get into voice acting?

My first training as an actor was at the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. Then I joined a local theater next to where I lived. One day my teacher told me about a talent agency in SF that was casting for a French voice part. I got the role and signed a contract with them. This was my first step in the voice over/acting industry. I found I was a natural and continued taking jobs working with three different agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Who is your role model in the voice over/acting industry?

Robin William as a radio announcer in Good Morning Vietnam. Morgan Freeman is also a voice I find very expressive and compelling.

How do you warm up to record each session?

I practice the exercises I was taught at my first singing lesson. Pushing the air through my lips while producing the musical scales and working with my breathing.

What is your favourite piece of audio recording kit and why?

Apowersoft Audio Recorder for Mac. I find it the easiest way on a Mac to record audio from any internal or external sources.

Could you tell us something about you that we could not find anywhere in your CV/Website/Social Media profiles?

I speak Spanish and acted in a Spanish play at the University of Santa Barbara. I was casted in the role of a Japanese 15th century Samurai. It was a comedy and a lot of fun.