Looking for a voice or work in the voice industry? How do you define what it is that you do? Is voice over one word or two? If you look around for long enough you’ll find websites and companies all using different methods – voice over, voiceovers or even voice-over with a hyphen – to describe the same thing.

Search for Voice Overs

If you look to Google for the answer you’ll see that the most searches are performed for the word voice over (27,000 global searches a month) followed by voiceover (9,900 global searches a month). If you’re a voice over it may seem at first that voice over would be the best word to perform SEO (search engine optimisation) on however the word voice over can sometimes allude to other non related topics. VoiceOver is a screen reader for Apple computer products and voice over can also be suffixed with ip or broadband or VoIP for short. Bearing this in mind the next most popular word on the list would be voice overs (3,600 global searches a month) and best for SEO purposes as it cannot be confused with any other non related product or service.

Voice Over Dictionary Definition

Dictionary.com suggests that voice over is the correct term defining the word as the voice of an offscreen narrator, announcer or the like.