Usually around Valentines, Easter or Christmas we get our annual supplies of the yummy chocolate. It may not just be your waistline that feels the weight of the indulgent occasion. Your voice may suffer too.

Is Chocolate Bad For Your Voice?

It is well known that both sugar and caffeine have an effect on the whole of the body that can make you less productive after an initial short lasting spike of energy. Chocolate may coat the back of the throat giving you more phlegm and a flatter sounding voice. It is best avoided before using your vocal cords to record voice overs, present a radio show or for DJing.

What Is Good for You?

The best kind of foods for the voice are wet foods like fruit and salad also make sure you drink plenty of liquids (water is best). Avoid dry and sugary foods like cookies, cheese and chocolate. If your trade requires the use of your voice make sure you eat healthy to help protect the sound of your voice.