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Share a podcast on Google+

Google have announced a new Google+ sign-in button that works much the same way as the Facebook connect button. It allows users to connect their favourite apps and websites to their own Google+ accounts. TuneIn and Shazam are the two audio apps that have been announced as launch partners for the Google+ sign-in button and they allow direct sharing of radio stations or podcasts listened to and music tagged respectively.

New Google+ Call To Action Buttons

There are around 100 call to action buttons that app developers can include when users share stuff but the most interesting button to podcasters will be the ‘listen’ button that appears directly in Google+ streams and when clicked will take the user right to the shared audio.

Share A Podcast On Google+

TuneIn allows you to submit your podcast so if you haven’t done so add it now and give your RSS feed as the ‘Stream URL’. Your podcasts will start appearing in search results and, more importantly, you and others will be able to share your podcast via TuneIn on Google+.¬†Want to try sharing a podcast?¬†Head over to Music Radio Creative on TuneIn and hit the G+ button underneath the player!