This episode will touch on the subject of our next exclusive Audio Production Masters webinar – how to create your own sound effects using software & tools.

How to Make Sound Effects with Household Items

First, I’ll take a look at some household items you could use to create sound effects.

Tin Foil

Get a futuristic or robotic sound by rattling it or stretching it over a bowl, and beat it like a drum!


Blow them up and make them squeak or release the air quickly for all kinds of amusing sounds.

Plastic Bags

Crunching of gravel or walking on snow can easily be created with a few supermarket plastic bags.

Apples and Crisps

The sound of digging, walking or eating can be created by biting out a chunk of apple!

How to Make Sound Effects with Software

Adobe Audition has some great noise generation tools, such as the ability to generate noise and generate tones.

Making Radio Tuning Sound Effects in Adobe Audition

Making Radio Tuning Sound Effects in Adobe Audition

R2D2 Sound Effect in Adobe Audition Using Generate Tones

R2D2 Sound Effect in Adobe Audition Using Generate Tones - YouTube thumbnail

What is noise?

They come in all different colour flavours: white, pink and brown are the most popular. You can also get blue, violet and grey noise too!

These noises can sound like rainfall, waterfalls, the seaside and rivers. They tend to be very relaxing and are often the noises you’d find on an FM dial when tuning up and down radio stations. Some audio producers believe that new speakers and headphones can benefit from a little burn in by playing noise through them for a prolonged period.

Voice Generator

I love using text-to-speech, and I include some examples of using the Google Translate text-to-speech tool in this podcast.

DTMF Tones

This used to be a feature in Adobe Audition, up to version 3.0. You can create the touch tones you often hear when dialling on traditional phones. They’re still trendy and to this day, you can hear those tones even when dialling on an iPhone!

Suggested resources for generating DTMF tones.

Binaural Beats

Different frequencies in each ear have been shown to relax, reduce anxiety, help you to meditate and more. They are also considered the audio equivalent of strobe lighting, so do use with caution and seek medical advice before usage.