The time of the year where spooky audio production is needed is fast approaching. Radio stations are getting ready for their horror driven shows. YouTube creators add a creative/spooky spin to their videos and DJs are bringing out all of the Halloween music tracks.

Why Is Halloween Worth The Effort?

Some would argue that it’s just one day out of 365 in a year. Why bother?

First of all Halloween is the fourth largest holiday shopping event for online retailers in the US alone. Halloween often signifies the countdown to Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas holidays. Whilst it may be just one day in a year – it is a stepping stone towards larger holidays. By omitting it you are potentially alienating your business/show and allow your competitors take the slice from consumers who follow those trends.

Secondly Halloween gives you the opportunity to provide memorable experience to your listeners/viewers/customers. The past 2 years of COVID life has shown us all that life is ALL about experiences. By being creative, bringing a smile to somebody’s day and doing something unique you are not only following the masses. You are creating lasting memories. Your brand is part of that experience. You simply cannot miss this!

Horror Sounds

Once you decide to make the Halloween effort you need good elements to help with that. First of all you need good quality sound effects and music beds. Ensure they are Royalty Free! We have a large selection of packages suitable for spooky productions. Some of them linked below.

Horror Sound Effects and Music Beds

Package of 20 horror sound effects and 10 royalty free music beds.

Dark Production Tools

Collection of 20 music beds and 35 sound effects for your ultra scary productions.

Spooky Countdown Jingles

20 numbers with our voice Robin – ultimate spooky countdown classic!

Spooky Voice Overs

If you are on a hunt for a memorable scary voice – we have got you covered! Some of our Halloween specialists include:


One of the most popular male American voices on our website. Pete is diverse and can do some amazing Drakula voices!


British voice with power and character! You want a spooky clown, scary monster – Robin is your guy!


Zombie, spooky elf and more. Ryes is creative and can turn any script into an amazing recording.


Ultimate witch is here. Frances can deliver!

We have over 150 voices on our books. It would be impossible to list them all here. If you are after a specific style, accent, character – contact our team – we can provide custom demos for specific projects and a shortlist of suitable voice artists.