I’ve been asked many times about where to get free sound effects; here are some tips and resources for where to find them:

  • Look into native effects in your digital audio workstation. Whatever sound generation tool you are using, you can check the native effects in there and play around with them.
  • Free sound effects – freesound.org: there’s quite a lot of free sounds available for you to download. Just make sure that they are licensed with Creative Commons, so that you can use and abuse the music as you wish. You can alter and manipulate them by, for example, adding your own reverb or EQ.
  • If you want a much better resource, Killer Hertz Volume 1 is free to download and use now. It really is an awesome library. Be sure to read the terms attached to the library, as reselling and manipulating is prohibited.
  • If you want to take your audio production to the next level, you can definitely get paid audio libraries. We have great sound effects available with over 13 different packages ready to download, all of which are 100% royalty-free. You can’t resell them on their own, but you are free to make new creations and sell them through that.
  • Use the iOS and Android apps to create audio. Apps like Noisepad and the Korg Synthesizer Series are available to download, and by using them, you’ll be able to create some effects too.
  • Lastly, you can use Loopmasters if you want to mess around with different loops, create a new music bed, or create a new effect. At Loopmasters, there’s great stuff available and plenty of things that you could do. Plus, it has very reasonable prices for as little as £10. What’s great about it is that it’s also royalty-free.