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There’s a fine line between funny radio ads and annoying radio commercials. As radio is ‘theatre of the mind’ something that is funny to one person may not be so funny to the next. Here are five radio commercials that dance around the funny/annoying border. The more you hear an advert on the radio the more annoying it can become.

Funny Radio Advert

Budweiser radio adverts have always had a habit of being extremely witty and hilarious. Here’s one of a series of adverts for Bud Light. It’s a smart little ‘what’s the right thing to say’ quiz firmly targeted at the male radio listener.

Funny Radio Commercials

Here are some adverts I have heard, from famous British brands, time and time again on the radio but are they funny or annoying?

The men with moustaches are back, this time on the radio with their ‘joke of the day’!

This one is pretty confusing. Is it funny or annoying?

They booked double the air time just so that their voice over could tell a joke. How thoughtful.

How about a mixture of singing and radio joke telling? Go Compare!

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