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Are you a radio station that plays well-loved classic rock hits and the finest golden oldies? Do you love turning back the time for your listeners with classic hits and old school music? Then this free download is for you! Grab these radio jingles and keep your listeners coming back for more.

  • 2 hours classic rock show every day – Tracy
  • Bringing back the old school sound – Mike
  • Classic of the week – Helen
  • Playing only classic hit music – Stephen
  • Rocking the capital and beyond – Mike
  • Stepping back in time – Robin
  • The finest golden oldies – Jill
  • This week’s classic flashback – Robin

If you think these freebies are smashingly good, then you’d be amazed what we can do with our custom radio jingles, intros, and sweepers! We have a friendly team of audio specialists who can help with your radio imaging needs.


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  1. Thanks for sharing such good news.

    But now it is possible to listen old music songs from the mobile app called oldies radio to remember the old days.

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