Are you planning to start podcasting this year? We’ve got all the podcasting jingles you need to give you a good start – and they’re all for free! This ultimate podcast starter pack includes the following files:

  • Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – Helen
  • For show notes, updates, and free resources, be sure to join our email community – Jennifer
  • Thanks for listening – Angelicque
  • Thanks for listening – Robert
  • Thanks for listening – Robin
  • This is – Oliver
  • Welcome – Al
  • Welcome – Angelicque
  • We’re available at the App Store and on Google Play – Rebecca
  • With your host – Oliver

Once you’ve had a taste of creating your own podcast with these free podcast jingles, push it up a notch by getting custom podcast jingles and intros. We have a dedicated team of audio specialists who can help with choosing the right podcast music, voice over artist and even write a perfect podcast intro script.