If you’re a dog owner you may have experienced moments when suddenly, for no apparent reason, their ears will prick up. Dogs are sensitive to sounds that we as humans can’t even hear. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Perhaps you were playing your favourite song or radio station and suddenly your pet dog went a little crazy!

It is possible to embed a dog whistle sound into any audio track with ease using digital audio workstations such as Adobe Audition. You’d never know any the better if a song or jingle had a dog whistle noise in it! The only requirement is that the audio is of exceedingly good quality as traditional CD quality audio (at a sample rate of 44,100 Hz) will only accommodate tones and noises up to 22,050 Hz on each stereo channel.

The human ear can typically only hear sounds up to around 20,000 Hz yet a dog can hear sounds at a much higher frequency range – usually up to 45,000 Hz.

Dog Whistle Generator

If you wanted to use Adobe Audition as a dog whistle generator you would need to create a new audio file at a higher sample rate of 96,000 Hz and then use the ‘Generate Tones’ feature to create your own custom dog whistle between 20 kHz to 45 kHZ. I’m currently working on a tutorial to show this process in Adobe Audition along with some other cool sound design effects that can be achieved using the generate tones feature of this powerful audio editing software. If you’re not subscribed to my YouTube channel you should do it now (for free!) to get my future dog whistle tutorial and more.

Sound Design Tutorials

I’m going to have a week of sound design videos on next week to show just what you can do in Adobe Audition without the need to even record a single sound yourself. If there’s a sound design tutorial you’d like me to make just leave your suggestion in the comments.