DJ mailing list

DJ mailing list

If you’re a DJ looking for more gigs and the chance to connect with past and future customers here are some email marketing tips to get you noticed.

1. Have you got a DJ website?

Get a DJ mailing list signup form on every page so you can capture the email addresses of as many visitors as possible. This will enable you to stay in constant contact, send out promos and bring those visitors back to your website. You can get a signup form on your DJ website with very little technical knowledge using an email marketing service that I’ll recommend at the end of this article.

2. Already got an email list of your previous clients?

Make sure you get an email address from anyone who books you for a gig. That way you can invite them to join your DJ mailing list and stay connected with them. The next time they need a DJ they’ll see your marketing material will be in their inbox!

3. Email updates regularly

Let people know what you’re up to at least once a month. Once a week (if you’re out gigging every weekend) is even better. Remember not to email too often as people may choose to unsubscribe if you’re filling their inbox every day.

4.  Send some free goodies

Everyone likes free stuff so why not send out a free DJ mix every so often or a coupon code offering a discount on your services?

5. Choose a good email marketing provider

Use an ethical company that follows all the right guidelines and will not get you blacklisted for spamming or sending out unsolicited emails. It’s worth paying to make sure you have a quality email marketing service. You can keep track of subscriber location, click through rates to your website, number of email opens and even the rate at which people book your services if you link in a simple tracking code to your website.

Are you a DJ? Do you have anything to add to this article? Please feel free to share your email marketing tactics in the comments below and, of course, feel free to plug your website too!