There is so much jargon used in the radio industry for all the bits that go in-between the music, commercials and chat. It’s hard to comprehend what it all means. Even if you are in the industry yourself. What’s the difference between a radio bumper and a radio ID? Is a music bed something that plays soothing music until I fall asleep on it? In this article I’ll attempt to define exactly what a radio sweeper is for you.

Radio Sweeper Definition

A radio sweeper is a recorded statement by a voice over artist. Script often will contain the station ID and radio slogan. Good practice is to keep it to approx 15-20 words. Most common practice is to produce them with vocal and sound fx. Radio sweepers are also known as radio jingles and the term is used differently depending on where you are based. Short (up to 5 words) sweeper is also called a radio ID.

Example: “You’re listening to Radio XYZ – we play the best music – visit us at radioxyz dot com”

Why Do You Need Radio Sweepers?

When you’re playing a set of songs back to back you should aim to identify the name of your radio station in between each track. Radio sweepers are perfect for this purpose. They do the job quickly and allow you to get back to the music as fast as possible. Some clever radio automation software packages can even play radio sweepers that mix seamlessly from song to song right up to the vocals of the next track.

You need radio sweepers to remind your listener of what they’re listening to and can even give them a call to action. Think of what you want your listener to do.

Radio Sweeper Call to Actions

Here are some ideas of calls to action that could be included in your next radio sweeper:

  1. You could ask the listener to visit your website.
  2. Get the listener to follow your social media profiles.
  3. Ask the listener to call in to the radio station.
  4. Word of mouth – get the listener to tell a friend.
  5. Stay tuned – don’t switch off – something big is happening next!

More script ideas for radio sweepers available here. Can we help with radio sweepers for your station? Check out what we have done for other stations!