At the start of September, we gave out a gift for those on our mailing list to get everyone pumped up for Halloween and Christmas. We held a creative jingle competition!

Those who wanted to join only needed to submit a jingle they’ve written for themselves. The only requirement is for the script to be creative and catchy!

We picked the three best scripts that wowed us the most. The winners get to have their jingle recorded and produced for free! Listen to the winning jingles:

R Scott Bolton

Rough Edge FM – Irritatingly Irresistible Internet Radio. At

[spp-player url=”//″]

Ferry de Wolf

Puppies are not just for Christmas. They need love, attention and tender care, so they can grow up to become….. radio DJ’s. Merry Christmas from Ferry Lupus ! You can’t take the puppy out of The Wolf after all.

[spp-player url=”//″]

Ferry de Wolf

Halloween is at your doorstep, the night is dark, the moon is full. He is scratching at your door to get inside your head. This Halloween you will listen to HIS AND HIS VOICE ONLY ! The Pumpkin Ferry Show special with Ferry WOLF!

[spp-player url=”//″]

Both Scott and Ferry loved their jingles!


I love it! Thanks so much! We will debut the jingle this Friday. Please thank Duke for me.


The jingles are absolutely adorable (and not because I wrote them myself). I just admire and love the end product. Thank you again for the given opportunity. MRC is the best !!!

Big congratulations again to Scott and Ferry!

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