Finally, in this episode, we play out all our brand new podcast audio. Izabela takes us to the journey to get this audio designed.

Why Did This Project Take Time?

We first mentioned that we are going to have new audio branding: the intro, outro jingle and music in podcast episode #54. Izabela explains she wanted to do something different, something that Music Radio Creative has never done before and definitely something brand new.

Izabela was looking for a new musician to get that ‘different sound’ and was successful to discover a wonderful guy who is very talented. They started working on different ideas and then agreed to a contract. It is very important to know the terms of agreement when purchasing music for any purpose.

Essentially when you’re purchasing music you have to have a contract in place. That contract has to have certain terms and we wanted the whole composition to be entirely ours so the whole copyright was passed on to us. This means that we own the music and all the individual parts of music and we have the right to do as we wish with it.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank Pete and Chelsea the voice artists, Kim our singer and Zsolt our producer. They all have done a wonderful work.

How Does This Work With PRS and ASCAP?

As stated on our contract terms we can name Music Radio Creative as composer of the music. The musician has given us the full rights to everything. Izabela mentions that this may cost you a little bit more but it is worth it.

The reason for the delay is Izabela had a lawyer create an agreement that was also reviewed by the musician and his lawyer. It wasn’t a straightforward thing to do as both parties had to make sure both comply with what is written in the agreement. To cut the story short the musician had to redo the music that he has started to make sure to comply with the clause stating that it is not a resemblance of any other work.

Power Intro Samples

We briefly mention soundalike jingles in this episode and refer to power intros as an example. A power intro is an acapella created to match a certain music music. The trick in there is you are selling an acapella and not the music which is very clear in our terms and conditions. Whenever you purchase music or audio make sure you do your research and you have the right to play the music.

“Open The World Of Audio” As A Tagline

I personally didn’t like it at first and felt like it’s quite generic. However when Izabela elaborated on how the world of audio touches everything we wanted to cover such as radio, internet radio, individual broadcasters, podcasters, sound effects, singing, music, and voice overs. I agreed that it is indeed the world of audio as this podcast does not only focus on a niche but focuses on much more in the world of audio. We work with people all over the world and the people who create the audio for us are also from around the world. As to the intro’s consistency Izabela wanted to mix things up that’s why there are several versions of the audio branding.

New Music Radio Creative Jingles In Store Now!

We were excited to announce in the podcast that YOU can purchase this audio branding package from Music Radio Creative now. The jingles, music beds, radio imaging elements and voice overs all produced in one package. This is available for you to adapt for your podcasts, radio stations, jingles and even if you’re a business and you want a cool musical logo. If you’re not quite sure about how things would work feel free to reach out to Izabela or our fantastic team at Music Radio Creative and we can help you out!

Your Feedback On The Jingles?

Now you’ve heard all of our audio branding cuts in the podcast what do you think? Leave a comment and let us know.