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A festive edition of the Music Radio Creative podcast with a Christmas radio jingle or two included and advice on how to brand your audio content during Xmas and New Year.

Merry Christmas

This podcast features a Christmas jingle or two and during the episode I give you a few ideas for your Xmas and New Year content.

Special Christmas Shows

If you work with a team there’s no doubt that many will want to take time off. This is a great opportunity for you to create some new themed shows and gain new listeners to your radio station or podcast with themed shows.

Christmas Radio Show Ideas

You could have a Christmas show playing the best Christmas songs of all time or perhaps on New Year’s Eve you could count down the top songs of the year gone by. It doesn’t just have to be a show playing the old classics that we hear every year. If your radio station caters to a niche audience, like my internet radio station caters to lovers of popular remixes, you could create a show for that specific audience. The best remixes of 2012 would be a great example show for

Podcasting at Christmas

If you’re a podcaster don’t disappear over the festive season. You could cut together your best bits from the year gone by. Take a look at your analytics and find the top shows you produced then stitch them all together into an episode with some commentary from you.

Christmas is a great time to be active (between dinner, catching up with family and any last minute shopping). While other podcasters are taking a break you can appear on all those brand new iPods, iPhones and tablet devices that are unwrapped on Christmas day! Listeners will increase and you have a chance at keeping them with your great content.

Last time I got a smartphone as a Christmas present I did the following:

  1. Linked it to my credit card.
  2. Searched for a game to play (like Angry Birds).
  3. Started looking for content including books, radio stations and PODCASTS.

You want to be active and ranking in the latest episodes feed on Christmas Day – don’t disappear.

Top Content On The Music Radio Creative Blog

5. When Do Radio Stations Start Playing Christmas Music?

An amazing number of people simply wanted to know when they’d hear their first festive track.

4. How To Make Radio Jingles

I guide you through the equipment, setup and mindset you’ll need if you want to start creating radio jingles in my eBook (released this year) called Radio Jingle Truths Exposed.

3. Radio Automation Software

It’s a sad truth of 2012 that many more radio stations are looking to downsize and save money. Many were performing searches to find top quality software to automate their radio station but make it sound live. Would you listen to a totally automated radio station? Comment below and let me know.

2. Radio Jingle Script Writing

It’s easy to get stuck on the first hurdle when thinking of scripts for creative radio jingles. That’s why we make it easy for you at Music Radio Creative with our free script writing service.

1. Radio Show Names

Plenty of people used our random show name generator to overcome that first hurdle of thinking up a name for your show or podcast.

Christmas Tip

My final Christmas tip is to ask your listening community to give back. What was their favourite moment of the year and what content would they like you to produce in the New Year. It’s also your last chance to think of those New Year resolutions!

Leave a comment and let me know your favorite podcast episode or blog post you’ve seen this year.


6 Responses

  1. Hey Mike,

    Merry Christmas!

    Awesome Podcast, thank you 😉

    I am just starting a Podcast this week so it’s awesome to hear how professional yours is. Very inspiring. I just purchased a Podcast intro from MRC, so all systems are primed and ready to go.

    Do you also offer a Podcast consultant service? 🙂



    1. Thanks Phil, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

      I’m delighted to hear you have your podcast intro and are ready to get started. I don’t myself offer a podcast consulting service (unless it’s to do with the audio production elements and overall sound) I do however know a few people I’d be happy to recommend if you’d like?

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