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Category: Radio

Scripts for Summer Radio Jingles

Summer is always a well-loved season for a lot of people. It is a season that’s often associated with light, bright, and happy tunes. Playing summery hits for your radio listeners is a must and having summer radio jingles...

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Scripts for Oldies Radio Jingles

Everyone loves listening to the music from the “golden” times. There are some radio stations that are dedicated to playing only music from decades ago and there are some which offer listeners a dedicated radio show...

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How to Start a Radio Station

Advancements in technology mean that anyone can now set up their own internet radio station. Far from being a drain on your time, resources and forward-thinking, it’s super easy to get your idea to broadcast. Digital radio is a...

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Scripts for Weekend Radio Shows

A lot of people listen to the radio more during weekends. This is why weekend radio shows need to sound great and engaging. Not only will you potentially have more listeners, you will also be faced with stiffer competition from...

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Radio Jingles for New Music

Do You Have a New Music For Your Radio Listeners? A lot of people listening to radio either want to listen to their good old favourite songs or to listen to new music to watch out for. Hearing some new songs on the radio can be...

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Scripts for Country Radio

Do you love country music? Are you the go-to radio station for many country music lovers? Make sure you not only give them the country songs that they love, but that you have great country music radio jingles to go with them as...

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