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Category: DJs

Scripts for Retro DJs

Who doesn’t love listening to old hits from many years ago? A DJ’s job is to give his listeners a good time and sometimes that means being a retro DJ by playing the music from various decades. Although playing the...

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Jingle Scripts for a Party DJ

A lot of people turn to DJs when it comes to making sure their parties are fun and lively. The music played in parties can play a huge role in whether people will find the party enjoyable or not. Because of this, the music that...

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Free DJ Drops for the No.1 DJ

Are You The No.1 DJ? It takes a lot to be able to claim that you’re the no.1 DJ. What does it really take to be one? Aside from the ability to choose tracks that are sure to give your listeners a great time, mixing them so...

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DJ Drops for an Exciting DJ Mix

Do You Have a DJ Mix? Fun and excitement are just some of the things that people look for when listening to DJs. This is why an exciting DJ mix is a must-have for every DJ. Aside from choosing the right tracks for it, a...

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Scripts for Live DJ Shows

The goal of every DJ is to give their listeners a great time. Although listening to recorded DJ mixes can be energising and fun, there is nothing quite like going to a live DJ show! As a DJ you should make sure you have a good...

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Scripts for the Hottest DJs

Many DJs would claim that they are the hottest DJs around and these DJs would certainly love to put this claim in their mixes. A great way to do this is to include some DJ drops that will not only enhance your mix, but also let...

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Scripts for Trance DJs

A great DJ Drop can make your trance DJ mix sound out of this world. The key is to put the right kind of DJ drop that will match your DJ mix. We have been creating all kinds of custom audio for DJs for many years now and we can...

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