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Author: Music Radio Creative

Scripts for a Podcast Intro

The first few minutes of your podcast is very important. The average attention span of adults has gotten shorter over the years, thanks to the barrage of other easily available consumable content. Hence, it is vital that your podcast can capture your listeners’ attention within its first few minutes. This means that your podcast intro plays a crucial role in keeping your listeners interested in your podcast. As an audio production company that helped numerous podcasts with their audio branding, we are always happy to work with different types of podcasts to find the sound the suits them. Engaging...

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DJ Drop Script Ideas

How can DJs make their mixes stand out? Certainly a well scripted DJ drop will be a good contributor here. We’ve worked with DJs over the years and we’re proud to have helped them create some of their best DJ mixes. 10 DJ Drop Script Ideas We compiled some of the DJ drops we made for our DJ clients to inspire you in creating your own. You may simply change the italic¬†words with your own DJ name. The best DJs, modern sounds, and famous music from around the world. You are listening to the best DJ… DJ MRC! Special...

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Scripts for Internet Radio Jingles

The internet has made a lot of things possible and easier – including broadcasting a radio station! Many of these internet radio stations are just as good as the conventional radio stations that we’re used to except you don’t need a radio to listen to one, just a device that has access to the internet. Just like traditional radio stations, radio jingles, sweepers, intros, and promos can help in making your broadcast sound even better. We have helped countless internet radio stations in taking their sound to a higher level! 10 Scripts for Impactful Internet Radio Jingles Being an...

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Scripts to Introduce Your Podcast Guest

Do you regularly invite other people to guest on your podcast? How do you introduce them? Having a proper way of introducing your podcast guest will help in building up the anticipation for your guest. One way to introduce a guest is to have a jingle that you can always edit into your podcast.  This is also a great audio branding opportunity for your podcast! Countless number of podcasters have trusted us in making their podcast audio branding and a jingle like this is one of our expertise! 10 Scripts for Engaging Podcast Guest Intros Take your podcast to...

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Scripts for Dance Mix DJ Jingles

A lot of people love to have fun by going out and dancing the night away. It’s no surprise that dance clubs and DJs are popular in any part of the world. But to be able to give listeners and partygoers the best time, a DJ should go beyond choosing the favourite dance hits for their DJ mix. A dance mix should be made even more amazing with the help of well-made DJ drops and jingles. We love to help DJs create great-sounding mixes, as proven by our extensive work on different kinds of jingles that DJs can include...

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