Author: Mike Russell

Funny Radio Adverts

There’s a fine line between funny radio ads and annoying radio commercials. As radio is ‘theatre of the mind’ something that is funny to one person may not be so funny to the next. Here are five radio commercials that dance around the funny/annoying border.

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Example Radio Station Schedule

Are you bored with the same music and predictable presentation style on the radio station you listen to? You can change all that and find some of the best personality radio out there. Join us as we go around the world in 80 clicks!

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Radio Automation Software

There are many different radio automation systems in use at radio stations around the world. What are the differences between the big players and is there any free radio automation software to download out there?

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Kenny Everett Jingles and Documentary

The BBC is to make a new documentary on radio legend Kenny Everett entitled “Number One in Heaven”. Written by Tim Whitmill – author of stage play Morecambe – the title relates to the first time he saw him dancing in Heaven nightclub.

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