Author: Andrea Herrera

Matt Stegner: Creative Audio Solutions, Band Record Production, and Mastering the Technical Stuff

Matt Stegner is the Senior Quality Engineer at Adobe, focusing on audio for Premiere Pro and Audition. His busy work at Adobe involves working through code and trying to make the connection between Premiere Pro and Audition as seamless as possible. Aside from this, Matt is also a studio owner, an audio engineer, and a record producer. He has produced records for bands and professional musicians.

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Jesse Holt: Casino Audio, Virtual Reality and Spatializing Audio

Jesse Holt is an audio designer and composer with over 18 years of video game audio content creation experience under his belt. He’s worked on various genres such as video games, spatial audio, and casino audio. He used to create casino audio, creating all kinds of sounds and music heard in a casino and putting them all together. He is currently the Senior Audio Designer at Presence Labs, a virtual reality startup located in Seattle, Washington. Among his projects at Presence Labs is GrooVR, a music-driven virtual reality app.

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