By Andrea Herrera| October 16, 2018

Macha Gruber: Professional Demo Producer, Voiceover Talent, and Radio Imaging Producer

Macha Gruber is a professional demo producer, voiceover talent, and radio imaging producer. She generally slays all things audio out of Atlanta, Georgia. She spent around ten years in audio advertising, tackling a range of things such as writing, voicing, sound designing, and making creative commercials. She has been imaging for top ten market radio and she’s dedicated to making others shine by creating expertly produced voiceover demos and lending her voice to many fun projects.

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Cassette tape

By Andrea Herrera| October 9, 2018

Philip Chryssikos: Audio Cassette Tapes, News Bulletins, and Letting Audio Breathe

Philip Chryssikos is a highly regarded and award-winning multimedia journalist, content editor, and music presenter. Aside from his 25 years of experience in BBC commercial radio and online outlets, his voice has been on many different commercials and promos for companies such as Citizen watches, Tesla Motors, BMW, Nokia, and many more. He has been a news anchor on many UK radio stations, including LBC, Classic FM, Smooth Radio, Heart Radio, Gold Radio, and Capitol FM in London.

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By Andrea Herrera| October 2, 2018

Suzanne Wynn: Discovering Radio, Being a Female Audio Producer, and Starting a VO Journey

Suzanne Wynn is an award-winning radio talent and audio producer living in Alabama. She started her career in radio 12 years ago and has been a full-on Adobe Audition user since. While working in radio, Suzanne discovered that she loves using her voice to convey emotions – not with words but with how she says them. She has since ventured on her VO journey and continue to use Adobe Audition in her projects.

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Graphic design

By Andrea Herrera| September 25, 2018

David Johnston: Cool Edit Pro, Machine Learning, and Future Audio Technologies

David Johnston is a Principal Software Design Engineer with the Audio and Acoustics Research Group in Microsoft Research Labs, which he joined in 2011. He received his B.S. degree in Computer Science from the University of Washington in 1992. In 1995 Mr. Johnston co-founded Syntrillium Software and developed the multitrack studio audio editor Cool Edit Pro, a stereo audio editor for Windows. He sold the company to Adobe Systems in 2003 and continued working on what became Adobe Audition until 2010. David’s current work includes spatial audio for HoloLens and Windows.

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By Andrea Herrera| September 18, 2018

Matt Stegner: Creative Audio Solutions, Band Record Production, and Mastering the Technical Stuff

Matt Stegner is the Senior Quality Engineer at Adobe, focusing on audio for Premiere Pro and Audition. His busy work at Adobe involves working through code and trying to make the connection between Premiere Pro and Audition as seamless as possible. Aside from this, Matt is also a studio owner, an audio engineer, and a record producer. He has produced records for bands and professional musicians.

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Las Vegas

By Andrea Herrera| September 11, 2018

Jesse Holt: Casino Audio, Virtual Reality and Spatializing Audio

Jesse Holt is an audio designer and composer with over 18 years of video game audio content creation experience under his belt. He’s worked on various genres such as video games, spatial audio, and casino audio. He used to create casino audio, creating all kinds of sounds and music heard in a casino and putting them all together. He is currently the Senior Audio Designer at Presence Labs, a virtual reality startup located in Seattle, Washington. Among his projects at Presence Labs is GrooVR, a music-driven virtual reality app.

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podcast intro - Colored pencil

By Andrea Herrera| July 22, 2017

Scripts for a Podcast Intro

The first 30 seconds of your podcast is by far the most important. The average attention span of adults has gotten shorter over the years, thanks to the barrage of […]

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DJ Drop - DJ

By Andrea Herrera| July 15, 2017

DJ Drop Script Ideas

How can DJs make their mixes stand out? Certainly a well scripted DJ drop will be a good contributor here. We’ve worked with DJs over the years and we’re proud […]

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internet radio jingles - Product design

By Andrea Herrera| June 30, 2017

Scripts for Internet Radio Jingles

The internet has made a lot of things possible and easier – including broadcasting a radio station! Many of these internet radio stations are just as good as the conventional […]

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podcast guest - Broadcasting

By Andrea Herrera| June 22, 2017

Scripts to Introduce Your Podcast Guest

Do you regularly invite other people to guest on your podcast? How do you introduce them? Having a proper way of introducing your podcast guest will help in building up […]

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dance mix - DJ

By Andrea Herrera| June 15, 2017

Scripts for Dance Mix DJ Jingles

A lot of people love to have fun by going out and dancing the night away. It’s no surprise that dance clubs and DJs are popular in any part of […]

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