Adobe Audition Presets

Solving all of your audio production problems. Saving you thousands of $$$ in the process.

The Problems

  • My voice doesn’t sound “full” enough.
  • It takes me a long time to apply simple effects (such as flanger, EQ, chorus, echo).
  • Music sounds too loud in the mix.
  • I am looking to systematise the multitrack work.
  • I can’t easily drop different sound files into my production.

The Solutions

  • One multitrack layout enabling quick workflow.
  • Special processing for the voice we use here at Music Radio Creative
  • Individual tracks for our favourite vocal effects: EQ, Chorus, Echo and Flanger.
  • 2 x music tracks. One with auto ducking enabled.
  • Consistent sound in all of your productions
  • Saving you thousands of $$$ and hours of production tweaks!

Hear The Difference!

The tracks included in the presets:

  • Voice processed – with included settings for DeEsser, Scientific Filter, Dynamics Processing, Speech Volume Leveler, Hard Limiter and many others.
  • Voice EQ track
  • Voice Chorus track
  • Voice Echo track
  • Voice Flanger track
  • Music (with auto ducking enabled)
  • Music
  • SFX x 2

All of the tracks have been carefully explained in the demo below.


Who Are the Presets For?

Those presets are for you if you are a professional voice artist, audio producer, journalist, YouTuber, radio presenter or simply would like your voice and audio you produce to sound great! If you are podcasting – check out our Podcast Pro Presets.

I highly recommend anyone on the fence to take the leap, Mike’s presets will save you a lot of time and make you sound impressive!

Rick Marshall

British Colombia, Canada

It’s been much useful to work with the presets. It reduces a lot my workflow when I use them. I highly recommend them. Thank you MRC!! :metal::headphones::metal:

Juan Manuel Alvarez


Awesome quality, awesome service! All thumbs up!

Max Lösche

Linköping, Sweden

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