I’m Mike Russell

Adobe Audition Trainer and Audio Production Coach

Helping You Sound Great

My Adobe Audition Presets

I share my own workflow via custom made presets that I use for all of my audio productions. Saving you time and giving you the tools for your own projects.

In Person Coaching

I train corporate groups as well as individuals via my own events as well as trainer bookings.
Learn Audio Production From an Expert

Unlock Your Full Potential

I have been producing audio since the early 1990s. My DAW of choice is Adobe Audition and the majority of my audio production training is done inside Audition. Well produced audio is paramount in any project and my goal is enabling you to create a great sound for every project you work on.

One to one coaching for individuals

Training events

Corporate group training

Online courses

Who Can I Help?

Over the years I have helped both individuals as well as businesses to achieve a great sound in their projects. If you need help with audio – I can help.

Corporate Groups for Radio Production
I conduct 5-10 day structured training sessions with groups looking to learn audio production for radio specifically. Those training sessions are conducted in person usually at the station headquarters and all attendees receive a Professional Production Certificate upon completion.
Small In Person Training Sessions
I often organise personal training for 10-15 people. These events mostly take place in the UK and focus on a variety of topics such as podcast production, how to make your voice sound better and more.
Online Tutorials
It is my aim to enable the new generation of audio creators. I post weekly free tutorials on my YouTube channel available for anyone who would like to learn audio production.
Adobe Audition Presets
I create presets inside Adobe Audition to help improve your workflow and reduce the time needed for audio production.
One to one coaching
I am available for a limited number of one to one coaching sessions and private Adobe Audition training.

About Me

I have been producing audio since the 1990s, my career started in radio in the UK. I have been an on-air presenter but soon discovered that audio production was where my heart was. I am the founder of Music Radio Creative – an international audio production company. I now primarily teach audio production. I am an Adobe recognised expert and often speak on Adobe stages around the world.


“We use Mike’s videos to teach people in the team on how to use Adobe Audition. They are that good!” Charles Van Winkle

Senior Computer Scientist, Adobe Systems

“Mike’s audio coaching is fantastic and has really helped me to sound my best.” Shane Whaley

Host, Spybrary Podcast

“Your coaching was the kind of thing I would never be able to do on my own (even if I’d seen a tutorial) but you were able to do in seconds.” Neil Anderson

Senior Instructor and Technical Consultant, iTLS

Online Resources

My Adobe Audition Presets

Time saving presets that I use in my productions. They can be yours too.

Audio Production Tutorials

Regular audio production tutorials on my YouTube channel. All free. Forever.


I regularly organise face to face workshops and online courses.

Learn audio production. Improve your skills. Progress your career.

“Mike is the most prolific instructor online, showing you how to do not just basics but fun, technical stuff in Adobe Audition. You couldn’t have a better teacher and a better trainer.” 

Durin Gleaves – Product Manager – Adobe Systems

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