New Media Europe is an annual event for entrepreneurs, podcasters, content creators, bloggers, and social media users created by our very own Mike and Izabela Russell. It sprung from a passion to explore ways in which New Media can grow ANY venture – from hobby to a full time business. Podcasting, DJ-ing and Radio included! NMEU 2016 was held last June where 25 awesome sessions became venues for learning and growth. These sessions are highly valuable for radio stations and podcasts, providing numerous strategies, tools, and tips that are very easily actionable.

NMEU virtual ticket

The NMEU Virtual Ticket includes 25 audio sessions and 18 HD videos from the workshops held on day 2. Radio stations and podcasts will benefit from all of the topics included:

Audio only

001 – Dan Miller – Finding Your Sweet Spot

Dan is the author of the bestselling book 48 Days To The Work You Love and No More Mondays. His specialty is creative thinking for increased personal and business success. In his NMEU session, he talked about the convergence of PassionTalent, and Money.

002 – Valerie Groth – Success Starts With YOU

Valerie runs a life coaching practice and works with her clients on overcoming fear, gaining self-confidence, and making massive positive transformations in their life. She is also a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, and the host of the Inspiration with Val podcast. In her NMEU session, she talked about designing a purposeful future, revamping relationships, assessing the effectiveness of daily habits, tackling something that is being tolerated in life, re-focusing on self care, and how to live boldly.

003 – Phil Pallen – Let’s Get Honest About Your Brand

Phil is a brand strategist for media personalities, professionals, and businesses. He is also the author of Shut Up and Tweet, a book that contains game-changing strategies to become a Twitter rockstar. In his session, Phil talked about using a critical eye to make better content, positioning your brand to appeal to your ideal market, building a more attractive visual brand online, and kicking butt at social media while having fun.

004 – Pilar Orti and Lisette Sutherland – The Power of Virtual Collaboration

Pilar is the director of Virtual Not Distant, a company set up to help teams transition into virtual teams. Lisette is the director of Collaboration Superpowers, a company that helps teams work together from anywhere. In their NMEU session, they shared their story of how they’re evolving Virtual Team Talk from a monthly Blab into a whole community of professionals working remotely.

005 – Durin Gleaves – What’s So New About New Media?

Durin is the Product Manager for Audio at Adobe Systems. In his session, he talked about how video and audio creation has changed over just the last few years, the trends happening right now, and how creators of tomorrow will work and collaborate.

006 – Steven Picanza – The Creative Hustler Manifesto

Steven is an entrepreneur, a brand architect, and a business strategist with a core purpose centered around connecting people, products, and organizations with their core audience. In his session, he talked about knowing when to spot opportunities and have the strategic vision to execute on them, gaining actionable insights into building your personal brand both offline and online, aligning your day-to-day with your core values and finding your own-able space, and not letting yourself be bound by failures and having the hustle to learn from them.

Audio and HD video

007 – Ian Anderson Gray – Tools to Boost Your Social Media Effectiveness

Ian is the founder of Seriously Social, a blog focused on social media tools. He is also a speaker, trainer, teacher, web developer, and social media consultant. In his session, he talked about using tools to help target and grow the right audience, optimizing content for visitors, and engaging with your audience more effectively.

008 – Fabienne Raphael – Connections Superpower – Podcasting for Business

Fabienne is an online business coach, bestselling author, speaker, and podcaster at Marketing to Crush your Competitors. She is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs build their online business the right way and make it automated and profitable so they can spend more time with their loved ones. In her session, she talked about where to find influencers, how to get them to say YES, 10 mistakes to avoid when connecting with them, and how to nurture these connections so that they bring your business to the next level.

009 – John Colley – Growth Hacking Udemy

John is the bestselling Udemy instructor and online courses coach. He is also the founder and host of the Online Learning Podcast and a member of Udemy’s Global Instructor Council. In his session, he talked about 12 actionable ways to accelerate sales of your online courses or any other products or services you sell online.

010 – Mike Russell – Podcasting Adobe Audition Workshop

Mike is our very own Creative Director here at Music Radio Creative and he is also the co-founder of New Media Europe. He is an audiophile and loves sharing his joy for audio production and editing in Adobe Audition. In his session, he delivers a 30-minute live training course in Adobe Audition that will help you learn how to make your voice sound better, create the perfect template for your podcast or audio workflow, and get the lowdown on audio effects and editing hacks to make your life easy. This session is highly recommended for podcasters and podcast producers!

011- Marta Krasnodebska – Growth Hacking Social Media With Class, Sass, and Integrity

Marta is a social media branding and business growth strategist for passionate entrepreneurs and engineering companies. Among the topics she discussed in her session are how to create social media strategy that will help get more clients, how to look like a pro on social media, how to consistently create high impact content, how to put your social media marketing on autopilot, and how to turn your social media leads into happy clients.

012 – David Shaw – How to Position Your Story for Big Results

David is a technology savvy entrepreneur and experienced CMO. He is also a regular keynote speaker, a blogger, and host of the Getting Ahead podcast. In his session, he explains how storytelling is hardwired into our brains and why we should be placing the consumer of our content as the hero in their journey.

013 – PANEL – Innovative Podcasting in a Noisy World

A panel discussion on podcasting, how to innovate in podcasting, how to grow your podcast audience, and what’s next for podcasting in the next 5 years. The panel was led by Colin Gray and he was joined by other podcasting biggies Ben Green, Kevin Field, Beau York, Max Pepe, and Anna Piazza.

014 – Katrina Burrus – How to Become a Thought Leader and Monetize It

Katrina is the CEO of MKB Conseil & Coaching and has a proven track record in coaching numerous international leaders. In her session, she talked about developing your brand, developing strategies to access potential high-level paying clients, how to use video content to do research work and be perceived as a thought leader, and how to create services and products for high paying clients.

015 – Kevin Field – Podcasters! What Makes Your Audience Tick?

Kevin is a multi award-winning media specialist and social entrepreneur. He is also the founder and host of Radio Skills for Podcasters, a podcast and blog focused on the craft of creating powerful audio content that gets results. In his session, Kevin talked about 4 key topics that will always get listeners, understanding listeners, and how to make listeners come back for more.

016 – Paula Cordeiro – Powerful Digital Storytelling

Paula is digital media advisor for several broadcasters, music and media companies. She is also the current acting ombudsman for public radio, lecturing about digital media and developing the future of media on a digital hub called URBANISTA. In her session, she talked about power digital storytelling tools and the little details that turns a story into a story of the day.

017 – Janet Murray – How to Get Big Media Coverage on a Small Business Budget

Janet is a journalist and PR coach who helps businesses and brands tell their story in the media. She is also a blogger, speaker, and podcaster. In her session, she talked about how getting media coverage can help you build your business and brand, common newbie mistakes, what journalists are looking for in a story, how to put a pitch together to a journalist, and how to find the right person to pitch your ideas to.

018 – Krishna De – Snapchat for Business Marketing

Krishna is a digital strategy and social media communications speaker, commentator, educator, and mentor. She is also a judge of several Irish digital marketing awards and developed and leads the Certificate in Social Media Communication for the PR Institute of Ireland. In her session, she talked about why sharing images and live video on Snapchat could help attract the target audience, how to get started with Snapchat and understanding the unique visual tools the platform has to offer, examples of Snapchat being used by other organizations in their digital communications, and tips for building Snapchat following and integrating Snapchat into marketing communications.

019 – Mark Asquith – Creating a Website That Actually Converts

Mark is a serial entrepreneur who has built globally successful design and marketing, SaaS, and digital businesses. He is also a passionate podcaster, perpetual learner and helpful bloke. In his session, he talked about the exact steps he’s used to create high converting websites for the last 11 years.

020 – Ani Alexander – A Book is the Best Business Card

Ani is an Amazon bestselling fiction author and creator of the Write to be Read podcast. She helps entrepreneurs and writers become authors by turning their draft manuscript into a published book in just a few weeks’ time. In her session, she talked about the numerous benefits of being a published author and why a book is the best business card.

021 – Michał Szafrański – Blogger and Podcaster Toolkit

Michal is considered the expert in money saving and personal finance in Poland. In his session, he talked about tools and solutions that he has used for his blog which gets 2 million unique visitors every year and his podcast which has been downloaded over 1 million times.

022 – Judy Stakee – The Art of Storytelling

Judy has over 30 years of experience as an executive in the music industry and is now running her own artist development company where she uses her signature methodology in guiding clients towards their goals. In her session, she talked about how to develop perspective, how to communicate your message, and how to position your story to capture an audience’s attention.

023 – Tony Brown – Systemise Your Way to Success

Tony is a business systems strategist, coach, author, and speaker. In his session, he talked about being more productive and effective in entrepreneurial endeavors, reasons to have standards procedures in your business, business functions that should be systemised, the barriers and excuses hindering systemisation, how to build and manage a virtual team, and a blueprint to develop standard procedures to help our business.

024 – Chloe Thomas – A to Z of Email Marketing

Chloe is the creator of the eCommerce MasterPlan, author, speaker, podcast host and expert in eCommerce strategy and marketing. In her session, she talked about tools and techniques to capture emails on your website, ways to grow your email list, simple techniques to create eye catching campaigns, and what to include in your Welcome Sequence to maximise the probability of them buying from you.

025 – PANEL – Freelancing Superpowers

A live version of the popular podcast Being Freelance with host Steve Folland. The panel discussion included Rachael Naylor, Cem Yildiz, and Wayne Ingram. They talked about being freelance, an entrepreneur or a solopreneur, how they deal with the challenges of growing their business, networking, and marketing themselves.

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